Jeff Heusser


Visual Effects, finishing, editing, supervision. These have been my passion. Los Angeles is home now but I also worked in Chicago, New York and Cincinnati.



Neon Margarita?

For my 40th birthday my wife bought me a neon SIGN.  A Margarita.  At thAT time, every time we moved we haD to change email addresses, so I BOUGHT the domain



WCET (public TV station) in Cincinnati is where I started and did every production job... after a few years I was producing and directing.  We would come up with show ideas and then produce them. From educational shows like Zoo, Zoo, Zoo to Sports, Symphony, Dixieland, Opera, Jazz, Bluegrass, and the local music show Rock Around the Block.  

I then moved to WLWT (NBC affiliate) where I produced and/or directed parades, events, The Cincinnati Reds Television Network and directed the news and many other shows, including fill in Directing on The Bob Braun Show. When the station moved to a blue screen set that required digital backgrounds I found myself spending a lot of time at a local post house.

That experience led me to move to Post Production - first at Instant Replay (Cincinnati), then Charlex (New York), Editel (Chicago) and then on to Los Angeles. 


About Me

Beyond the work I enjoy Photography, live music, food, wine and, of course, a good Margarita.

Photography inspires me and I recently launched a web site devoted to that pursuit:


Proud to be one of the co-founders of, the leading site for visual effects artists worldwide since 1999.