Rock around the block

Rock Around the Block was a series of nine live local television shows aired on WCET (Public Television, Cincinnati) in 1980.

The show featured a different local rock band every week, was co-produced and simulcast by WEBN (Cincinnati FM station - this was way before stereo television). WEBN also put their considerable promotion power behind the show and for many years RATB was the highest rated show in WCET history. I had the pleasure of being the Producer/Director of the series.

Here you will find a brief history and memorabilia from the show.


BROADCAST SCHEDULE   (see detail pages for videos)

1) Wheels   January 30, 1980

2) Coyote    February 6, 1980

3) The Raisins    February 13, 1980

4) Rockduster     February 20, 1980

5) The Modulators    February 27, 1980

6) Highwind              March 5, 1980

7) Aaron Dizzy          March 12, 1980

8) Barb Kushner & Carefree Day     March 19, 1980

9) Jinx         March 26, 1980


Show #1, Wheels
Broadcast live: January 30, 1980

WEBN host: Denton Mar
Opening Guest: Jerry Springer


Show #2, Coyote
Broadcast live: February 6, 1980

WEBN host: Robin Wood

Opening Guest: Zip Rezeppa


Show #3, The Raisins
Broadcast live: February 13, 1980

WEBN host: Curt Gary
Opening Guest: WEBN Frog

Show #4, Rockduster
Broadcast live: February 29, 1980

WEBN host: Denton Mar


Show #4, Rockduster
Broadcast live: February 29, 1980

WEBN host: Denton Mar

Show #7, Aaron Dizzy
Broadcast live: March 12, 1980

WEBN host: The Real Mary Peale